About Us

GSI is local Indonesian company that specialized in communication services solution to support vendor and operators in building and maintain their networks.

Telecommunication industry has been growing tremendously for the past two decades and will continue to expand following technology evolution & subscriber demand. Operators and vendors are expected to provide high-level services and high quality network performance to ensure end user satisfaction.  

Increased competition among operators and vendors to provide best quality network has made network rollout and network optimizations are key factor for sustainable business in telecommunication industry.

Selecting the right business partner for operators and vendors are very essential, to ensure continuous rollout and optimization activities are meeting high level of performance.

GSI is local Indonesian company that specialized in communication services solution to support vendor and operators in building and maintain their networks.

GSI  has long experience in communication industry and continue to grow with strong technical people that has in depth experience in project management.

Our goal is to ensure that your company are meeting customer satisfaction and to support your growth by continuously providing best services and excellent project management.  


Founded by professionals in the mobile communication industry, our vision is simply to become an integrated network & technology services provider.

It is our passion to aim to provide outstanding services to our customers. Becoming an integrated services provides will ensure innovative, quality & cost effective services to the vendors & operators, enable them faster business growth.


To support customer growth, providing reliable services and ultimately ensuring customer satisfaction.

This is shown in our way of working that put professionalism, expertise, respect with standard operating procedures and regular quality checks and controls.

Organizational Chart

Our internal organization is structured based on functionality that is needed to working on a day to day base. In addition to the operationally organization chart, there is also project organization that is built based on project requirement.


GSI is specializing in telecommunication industry, where this is our focus to provide best support to your company. GSI is committed to provide with high quality services, competent resources with a competitive price level. GSI always delivers the best customized solution by learning and understanding customer needs.

  • Focus on network engineering
  • High quality services with competent resources
  • Competitive price level
  • Up to date tools and equipment
  • Skilled project management


  • GSI is supported by experienced and skilled radio network engineers that have extensive experience in mobile communication industry.
  • GSI is following project management practices as described in the PMBOK, during entire customer project management delivery.
  • GSI continuously improves internal resources by having regular customer feedback and competence development plan.
  • GSI always complies with the Health & Safety Act to meet with customer high standard and regulation.
Komplek Perkantoran Buncit
Business Center (BBC). Jalan
Warung Buncit  Raya No.24 Kav. C3.
Kelurahan Duren Tiga, Kecamatan
Pancoran. Jakarta Selatan  12760.