Installation service is based on proven quality processes for installing system in the shortest possible time at guaranteed level of quality.

The Installation service applies to the installation of various kinds of equipment, from single nodes to complete site solutions. In essence, GSI installs all hardware, cabling and makes the appropriate connections and verifies that everything is working properly and is ready for integration into the network. The Installation service applies to all network elements in new, extensions, upgrade and change-out installations.

Following are the deliverables for this service:

  • Dismantling of old equipment if applicable

  • Installation of new equipment or expansion of existing

  • Grounding of equipment

  • Connection and fixing of cabling

  • Power up and test of installed equipment

Installation Preparation

Verify that all provided equipment and documents match the instructions. Prepare the site access, inform necessary person in customer’s site, ensure method of procedure.

Equipment Installation

The hardware is installed in accordance with proven procedures. Upon completion of each step in the process, the work is inspected and the results are documented. Installation includes the mounting of equipment, installation of software, and the connection of cables to the power supply.


Only minor tests are necessary, since the equipment has already been tested at the factory before delivery. The test instructions and the work order to be used are provided in the work procedures. During commissioning, GSI powers up the equipment and runs the tests that have been stipulated in the work procedures.

GSI will deliver installation of BTS/Node-B/BSC/RNC/Transmission with high standard and excellent quality, as well as to check all performance after installation, compare it with the installation binder to ensure fully operational equipment prior to acceptance with the customer.

This includes: installation check, configuration check, connection check, alarm check, link performance check, VSWR check, call connection check, time slot check etc, that may subject to further discussion with customer.

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