In an area that deploying a new site is difficult and likely is prohibited by local government, it is common to use a shared tower or existing sites to achieve the objective of new coverage or new capacity. In order to ensure that existing sites are feasible, it is important to perform so called radio network audit so that radio network engineer can make a decision whether this shared tower or existing sites are acceptable from RF point of views. From RF planning and optimization perspectives, this radio network audit is also essential to collect the most up to date information that exists in the sites. This includes: equipment check, antenna positioning check and coverage check. The result of the service is the data that describe the existing network condition that can be further used as the reference for radio network quality improvement activities. Output of this activity is the report that contains all information collected from the field based on a pre-defined template agreed with customers. It is recommened that this activity be performed by an operator periodically to maintain subscriber satisfaction.

Project Office: Jalan Mampang Prapatan XIX No. 2
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