Radio network optimization is one of the key factors for vendor and operator to ensure sustainable business in mobile communication industry. Radio network optimizations identify bottlenecks, problems and issues in the networks and provide strategic and tactical solution immediately.

For an individual project it is possible to select a set of components, thus creating a tailor-made Network Optimization service. Based on this selection, the radio network is then analyzed and maintained on site in a series of activities.

Figure below shows the components of Radio Network Optimization. The service covers the whole performance cycle that can be divided into three phases in the execution of the service: Information Gathering, Execution and Closure.

During execution, findings & results are analyzed in detail and a report is written containing the outputs from the analysis and further recommendations.           

Depending on the complexity of the projects and size of the networks, this service may consists of several radio network optimization consultants, drivetest teams & riggers, STS data collectors, and one or two Lead Consultants.

Project Office: Jalan Mampang Prapatan XIX No. 2
Jakarta Selatan Indonesia