Prior to network deployment, it is mandatory to perform visual check on the predefined location to ensure that this specific location meeting certain criteria and especially that coverage objective is fulfilled. Output of this activity is an evaluation of the predefined location whether acceptable for new sites introduction from an RF point of views. Deliverables from this service is a complete RF Survey Report with picture of surrounding location. RF Survey Report template is available and subject to be discussed whenever necessary.

The Radio Network Survey, workflow is described in the figure below.

  • The nominal cell plan and site database is collected.

  • Go to the proposed test site location.

  • Is the site height the same as the surrounding buildings? Is there any space for placing the RBS and the antennas? Is there any power supply? Is the building a part of a sensitive environment?

  • Take photos of the possible space for the RBS and the antenna locations as well as a 360° overview of the surroundings.

  • Describe the surroundings and the site building in height, type and obstacles.

  • Collect the photos and the notes from the site and document it well.

Project Office: Jalan Mampang Prapatan XIX No. 2
Jakarta Selatan Indonesia